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Practise the second conditional with a song in Diana Tower's website


If I had a million dollars is the title of a song which Diana Tower has chosen to help you practise the second conditional. (Here you have her favourite songs for learning English). Diana is the creator of Helping You Learn English.com, a very good website. Visit it here.

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Autor: tuyasabes


Fecha: 08/04/2010 00:24.

gravatar.comAutor: Diana Tower


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kind words and post!

I am so glad that you like my website and that you find it useful.

The music section is one of my favorites and I hope to add more songs and exercises in the near future.

Have a wonderful weekend and all the best!

Diana Tower

Fecha: 01/05/2010 13:37.

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