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Belén, Javier and Lorena are three first year Baccalaureate students who have been selected to take part in the Comenius project  our school (IES Xesús Taboada Chivite - Verín - Spain) has just embarked on (the three schools that are going to participate in this project are located in Lyngby(Denmark), Portogruaro (Italy) and Verín (Spain)). Next 20th November our students are going to travel to Portogruaro. The topic all the schools are going to work on is "Water". Belén, Javier and Lorena have designed a ppt entitled "The Problem of Water". On top you have the presentation and below you can listen to what they are going to say:

Audio File 1 (slides 1 to 9 )

Audio File 2 (slides 10 to  12)

Audio File 3  (slides 13 to 29 )

Audio File 4  (slides 30 to 32 )

Audio File 5  (slides  to  )

Audio File 6  (slides 40 to 44)

Audio File 7  (slides to  )

Audio File 8  (slides 48 to 57 )

Click here to read what Lorena, Javier and Belén are going to say.

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