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Working on " The Water Cycle Rap"

As you probably know if you usually follow this blog, my 1st year ESO D students are working on a project, The Water Cycle Rap (click here). We have already recorded our voices (you can listen to the whole group and to the soloists Anderson, David, Carla and Eddy by clicking on"play" on the first podcast above). The next steps will be  adding music and images... So very soon The Water cycle musical clip on this blog!!!!!!!!!

By the way, this project is also being carried out in Galician language (Galician Language Dinamization Department). In fact, if you click on "play" on the second podcast, you will listen to 1st year ESO D students (here the soloists are Nerea, Alba, Paula and Ivana)  "rapping" O ciclo da auga (the images and music will be the same as or very similar to those added to the English version).

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