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Let's learn about the USA!!!! (Ohio)

Click HERE (American icons and landmarks), HERE (USA Quiz), HERE (USA Cloze Test)

Fast Facts about USA geography, people and culture, nature, governnent, economy and history HERE.

US history in 47 episodes HERE.

What’s the education system like in the USA? Click HERE.

Tessa, our assistant teacher, is from Ohio. Watch the video above and answer these questions:

- Ohio is in a region of the USA called........

- One nickname which is commonly used for the state of Ohio is the  Buckeye  state because of the buckeye ........

- Who was William Harrison?

- Ohio has another nickname. Which one?

- Who were the Wright brothers?

- What is the Ohio Burgee?

- The Ohio state flag is not...........

- Where is the city of Columbus?

- Where do cardinals live?

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