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- Reading Comprehension : "Robots - friend or foe?" HERE.

- Listening Comprehension: "Living online" - HERE.

- Phones and technology vocabulary HERE + vocabulary HERE and HERE

- Idioms about Science and technology HERE

- Oral Mediation (C1_ Written B2):


Robots have been doing the repetitive drudge work in our factories fordecades. But now they can flip burgers, lay bricks, even co-operate to open doors and escape. Giant 3D printers can make houses out ofconcrete in a fraction of the time humans can. "Artificial Intelligence is a big threat to low-skilled jobs, no question," says Bernard Louvat, general manager of digital customer engagement solutions at tech firm Nuance."Chatbots are certainly eliminating jobs - we need fewer and fewer human agents each year. The ones that are left will be highly skilled super-agents looking after the most complicated cases."

And Selfie-Tourism:

You read the following text in a news article:

Technology has changed the way we travel. Smartphones, travellers’ comments and photos,search engines and algorithms can all inspire and empower us to plan complex journeys all overthe globe within minutes.
For many people, mobile phones have become their external brain when on the road. These so-called “selfie-gaze” tourists see and experience the destination largely through their cameras
and the comments and feedback they receive on their posts. In this sense, their satisfaction does not depend on the quality of the destination and experience, but on how well they manage impressions and attract “likes” and positive comments.

Advanced writing about mobile phones - Article HERE

A for and against essay about mobile phomes HERE

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