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Amazing unit by Cristina Cabal  - HERE

Vocabulary - HERE

Climate Change cartoon - HERE

Climate Change, can we stop it? (Reading with audio) - HERE

Nature and the environment texts - HERE

Artic Warming - Reading (gapped exercise) HERE

Written mediation

As eco as they can be, electric scooters turn out to be more of a problem than convenience on the streets of Madrid and other major Spanish cities. The scheme is the same as with the rentable electric cars or bicycles - you find it using an app, pay a fee, ride, and then park it at any location. That last part turns out to be causing troubles for pedestrians as scooters are being left on sidewalks or used without taking into consideration traffic rules.Some viral videos show people racing with the vehicles causing problems for pedestrians.

Oral Mediation + Interaction - HERE

C1 Written mediation - Bar chart above

Writing - The climate change problem


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