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This summer, thanks to María, I had the chance to discover the BBC TV series "Pride and Prejudice", based on the famous novel by Jane Austen.

I consider this a superb version, better than the 2005 film, which was nominated for several Academy Awards. I invite you to enjoy it in youtube. You have the first part of chapter one above.

Click here to read David Rguez. Rivada’s very interesting article about the novel, the TV series and the film. He compares the marriage proposal scene in both the 2005 film and the 1995 series and also provides us with the text written by Jane Austen so that we can decide which one is more faithful to Ms Austen’s novel.

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gravatar.comAutor: María

It´s fantastic to share with others this wonderful book. Thank you, Jane, we love you.

Fecha: 03/09/2010 18:56.

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