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Wordle: Hello Lionel Richie Wordle: I've beenWordle: And in my dreams Wordle: I sometimes seeWordle: Hello is it me Wordle: I can see it in your eyesWordle: You are all I've ever wanted Wordle: Because you know Wordle: And you know just Wordle: I want to tell you

Watch the short clip above containing a lot of film clips.

(Dutch filmmaker Matthijs Vlot took Lionel Richie’s 1984 hit Hello and mashed it up (mash up= hacer un mix de música) with short clips from a number of Hollywood films so that the words in the clips synch(sincronizar) perfectly with the song lyrics)

- How many clips are there?

- VIDEO DICTATION.(Write down everything you hear. If you need help, check the wordle above)

HERE (lyricstraining.com)you can watch and listen to Hello and do an exercise (choose the level of difficulty).

Key for the dictation HERE.

Starburst advertisement (inspired by Lionel Richie's Hello videoclip HERE )

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