Listening Comprehension :"Memento" Trailer


1. ____________________ is a state when someone can’t remember things.



(Does he suffer from amnesia?)

2. The man says that he hasn’t been able to "make new memories" since:
  last year

  his injury

  his accident

3. What’s the last thing he remembers?:
  His wife dying

  His wife taking to him

  Someone smashing a glass

4. The man wants to:
  get revenge on his wife

  remember his wife

  avenge his wife

5. Why isn't it safe for him to hang around there any more?

because there is a murderer looking for him

because there are cops looking for him

because the man who killed his wife is looking for him

6. The woman tells him: Trust....... Trust your own.........You can .........everything. You can never know anything for...........

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