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Cick HERE to go to a post about WALLS. Do you think there are too many /too few / enough walls all around the world?

Vocabulary related to the topic IMMIGRATION -HERE (Video), HERE, HERE

Click HERE and then : English - Menu -2ºBachillerato - Issues - Immigration (Exercise 1 - Drag each word to its definition, Exercise 2 - Facts /Prejudices and Reading Comprehension: Globalization of goods but not people)

Click HERE to go to a unit about Immigration and do the following activities:Skills Practice - Listening and Reading // Use of English - Vocabulary // Speaking - Monologue. More speaking questions and writing topic HERE.

Click HERE to watch the video "The best student from a high school from Texas reveals her secret" and answer a few comprehension questions.

Click HERE to watch the video "Dangers of generalization" and answer a few comprehension questions.

In groups of three/four students, answer these questions about immigration and then share your answers with your classmates. More questions HERE.

HERE "The Arrival"("Migrants"). a wonderful illustrated book by the Australian artist Shaun Tan.

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