This beautiful short follows a strange little band of performers who are led by a mysterious ringmaster. The ringmaster, whose circus includes the typical strongman, acrobats, and contortionists... comes upon a show where Will - a limbless man - is shown as a freak of nature. Mr. Mendez, the mysterious showman, leads Will on a journey he could have hardly imagined. Joining the Butterfly Circus, the young man embarks on a journey in which he is transformed....

The Butterfly Circus official website HERE.

Listening Exercise HERE (Key HERE).

Answer the following questions about this short film:

- The TITLE of this short film. Why The Butterfly Circus ?

- Compare the two circuses which appear in this short film and reflect on them. What are they like?

- What is Mr Mendez like?

- Could you write about Ana, Pappy and George’s personal background? Where do they come from and what are they like now?

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