"Do you hear the people sing?", from "Les Misérables"

My 4th year C ESO students have Music as one of their optional subjects. In their Music classes they play instruments, sing, dance and of course learn about the history of music.

One of the songs they have to sing during the third term is "Do you hear the people sing?", from the amazing musical play "Les Misérables". Their music teacher intends to ask them to sing the song in English, so he has asked me to help them with the pronunciation and to translate the song into Spanish. I love "Les Misérables", in fact I have recently seen the musical in Madrid( click here, here and here) and I was astonished....The superb voices, the production..... Incredible!!!!!!!!!!  In fact, the novel on which it is based, "Les Misérables", by Victor Hugo, is a masterpiece.

 Here you have the lyrics.

Other famous songs from "Les Misérables":

One day more.

On my own.


I dreamed a dream.

Bring him home.


( "Les Misérables" 25th anniversary concert )

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