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Cross out (cross out) the information about the song that is incorrect. Assume that the “I” in the song is “the singer”.

The singer is sitting at the diner at 5pm.  She is waiting for the man to pour the coffee. He serves her coffee and milk.  She is not happy when he fills the cup only half way.  The man doesn’t pay attention to her because he sees somebody coming in.  When this costumer comes in, he says, “It’s nice to meet you.”  The woman shakes her umbrella. The man and the woman kiss and say “hello.”
The singer opens up a magazine and sees the story of an actress who had died while she was eating.  It was her favorite actress.  Then, she looked for the horoscope and the finantial section.  Then, she raises her head because a woman on the outside is looking at her.  The woman says hello.  The woman is wearing a dress and stockings.
It continues to rain.  She can hear the sound of the train and remembers her mother’s voice.  She also remembers a picnic one afternoon some time ago.  Later, she finishes up her tea and it’s time to take the train.
HERE Activity for 1 ESO - Drawing Tom’s Diner

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