Dripped from Eddy on Vimeo.

Dripped, a short film by Léo Verrier and produced by Chez Eddy, explores Jackson Pollock’s quest to find his creative voice. In a world tinged with sepia, in which men wear brown corduroy suits and plum velvet jackets, Pollock tries to find how he fits in with the greats in the galleries. The film has a dash of cops ’n’ robbers intrigue and superhero-esque feats – scaling buildings and bounding from roof to roof – as Pollock pilfers(=steals in small amounts) art in an attempt to discover his creative identity. In his drab (not colourful) apartment, frustrated by painting still lifes and full of the fodder(=food for livestock) of famous works, Pollock finally discovers his characteristic, colourful style. Set to the sound of twinkly(=sparkly) piano notes and mournful(=sad, sorrowful) oboes, Dripped is a clever and beautiful ode to inspiration and innovation. (From:

Watch the second video (Art History in a Hurry) and do this listening comprehension exercise.

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