"BOOKS"- Poem read by María, Hamza and Miguel (2nd ESO B)

Books - Libros (Poema lido por María, Hamza e Miguel, de 2 ESO B). Texto en inglés:
 Books are what I like the best.

They’re not just toys like all the rest,

that break, or get old, or don’t want to play.

A book gets better every day.

Sit down and open it - soon you’ll find

a whole new world jumps up in your mind.

People and places and all sorts of things.

Dragons and princesses, goblins and kings.

Dinosaurs walking the earth like thunder.

Ancient Egyptians who make you wonder.

And perhaps the most interesting story of all

that tells of the Prince who is going to call,

and even a picture to show how he looks.

Now these are the things that I like about books.

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