Bringing up children - B2 Monologue


Topical vocabulary

Parents’ functions:to raise / bring up children; child rearing; to develop socially vital values; to develop a sense of responsibility; to form positive character traits and moral characteristics; to teach children to cope with difficulties, problems

Parents: loving; caring; consistent; fair; wise; sensitive to children’s feelings; patient; indulgent; strict; moralizing; permissive

Children: to show initiative and independence; to be mature; to reproduce patterns of behaviour; to learn by imitation; to assert one’s independence; to build love towards...; to progress in one’s development; mental development; physical growth

Family atmosphere: an environment of love and security; to grow in the atmosphere of care, affection, respect, patience, reassurance / fear, tension, neglect; happy home backgrounds; friendly atmosphere

Parent-child relations: to encourage children to get along with others; to concentrate on a child’s strength and not his weakness; to gain independence from parents; authoritarian approach; to use a child as a scapegoat; to have a negative effect on a child; unsatisfactory relationship between...; to blame / physically abuse a child; to make emphasis on obedience to authority; to maintain parents’ approval; to be praised; to exaggerate praise; to be constantly criticized; to impose smth on a child; to interfere in children’s affairs; to be attached to...; to experience love and acceptance from parents; to moralize; to be on the child’s side; to approve of...; to show concern for...; to be aggressive / rude / tough with smb; physical punishment; to scream and yell at...; to lock children up; to tell smb off; to answer back; to teach manners; to ignore a child; to lack contact with parents; lack of adult guidance; to keep anger under control; to cause great damage; to avoid labelling children (stupid, silly, foolish); to insult / hurt one’s feelings, self-respect; to prevent crises; to lose one’s temper / create tension; to live up to smb’s expectations; to feel part of the family; to be pushed into making up lies

Problem children: to grow depressed / repressed / frustrated / self-centered / unsociable / lonely / neglected / fearful / irritable / naughty / wilful / unruly / resentful / arrogant / rough; to become a nuisance; to develop anti-social habits; overdisciplined / emotionally disturbed children; to show resistant and aggressive behaviour; youth violence, crime


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