What is the coronavirus? (Listening comprehension)

Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What is the coronavirus?

a.) A new bacteria from China that no one had ever heard about before.
b.) An outbreak of disease that started in China that is caused by a new type of coronavirus.

2. What are the symptoms?
a.) Common flu symptoms like coughing, runny nose, and fever which can develop into pneumonia.
b.) A rash on your face, fever and trouble breathing.

3. Where have cases been confirmed so far?
a.) In animals and humans.
b.) The outbreak first started in Wuhan, China, but cases have been identified in a growing number of other international locations.

4. Should I be panicking about this outbreak?
a.) It's a serious public-health threat, like the flu, and we should be cautious, but not alarmed.
b.) The virus affects people of all ages equally. There is no cure and it is very difficult to fight off the virus.

5. How is this virus transmitted?
a.) It's transmitted from animals to people. The virus is spreading across China from animals to people.
b.) It's transmitted from person to person. An infected person can spread the virus to other people.

6. What treatment is available?
a.) Currently, there isn't any treatment.
b.) Antibiotics

7. How serious is this outbreak compared to others in the past?
a.) Compared to other outbreaks, not as serious.
b.) It's just as serious as outbreaks of Ebola and SARS.

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