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Intermediate Level 1 - Module 5 - That's English!

Clik HERE as well.

Unit 1 - Globalization of English. Click HERE , HERE and HERE - Vocabulary about globalization HERE. - Video (Speaking) about globalization HERE - Speaking questions HERE

Unit 2 - Technology vocabulary HERE - Describing an invention HERE - Speaking: Inventions HERE - Accidental inventions and hiddden heroes HERE - New Inventions (learnenglishteens.britishcouncil) HERE

Unit 3 - Environment speaking and vocabulary HERE. Reading "The end of life on Earth" HERE

Unit 4- Speaking test about sports HERE. Listening comprehension (Elllo - Sports) HERE. Vocabulary and questions about sports HERE. Window on Britain - Leisure HERE

Unit 5 - 4 very useful idioms to speak about relaxed free time activities in THIS VIDEO. Vocabulary HERE. Video HERE.


Intermediate reading comprehension activities HERE.

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