Sad Am I, And Sorrow Laden

This is an old Gaelic tune from The Celtic Lyre by Henry Whyte. Whyte was a collector of Gaelic folktunes around the end of the 19th century.. It is from the Hebrides. The Celtic Lyre indicates the tune was written by a "young gael on leaving home."


Sad am I and sorrow laden,

for the maid I love so well,

I adore thee, dearest maiden,

but my thoughts I dare not tell.

Ben of peaks the clouds that sever,

oft thy steeps have wearied me,

Must I leave thy shade for ever?

Then farewell, farewell to thee.

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2nd year ESO students are going to learn this song and be recorded as they sing it (Celtic nations project - click HERE and HERE to find out about other songs which 2nd ESO students are going to learn and sing,  and HERE - Vocabulary about the Celts and their world by Ana García, and HERE and HERE - Kahoot about the Celts)

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