Top 10 Most Iconic Filipino Songs of All Time - ANAK

Filipino singers and musicians are known all over the world as one the best musical talents. It is said that you can hardly name a destination around the world where you could not find a Filipino singer or musician. However, in terms of songs, Filipinos have yet to produce an international hit along the likes of Macarena, Sukiyaki, Eres Tu, Volare, and other non-English songs that became huge hits in either side of the Atlantic.  Locally, there are countless huge hits that Filipino singers, composers, and musicians have produced and here are the ten most iconic Filipino songs of all time.



This is the most iconic Filipino song of all times as this is the song that can be considered as an international hit. Composed and performed by Freddie Aguilar, one of the most widely known Pinoy singers of all time, Anak was one of the entries of the first edition of then Metro Manila Pop Music Festival. It landed 6th place, according to sources but that did not deter the song from becoming one of the biggest hit songs ever. The popularity of this song spread in many places around the world and has several international versions including Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and English.  It also charted in several European musical charts. 

Exercise on the English version of the song Anak - HERE

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