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Conversation FORMULAS PHRASES doc
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Visit SECOND NATURE ONLINE ENGLISH and you’ll learn plenty of useful expressions to be used in conversation. Click HERE. You have the TABLE OF CONTENTS below:

Module I

Basic Conversational Expressions

Unit 1.1


Unit 1.2

Responding to "How have you been?"

Unit 1.3


Unit 1.4

Saying Good-bye

Unit 1.5

Sample Dialogs

Module II

Conversational Strategies

Unit 2.1

Getting Someone’s Attention

Unit 2.2

Back Channeling Cues

Unit 2.3

Responding to Something Surprising

Unit 2.4

Agreeing & Disagreeing

Unit 2.5

Asking Someone to Repeat

Unit 2.6

Checking for Understanding

Unit 2.7

Clearing Up Misunderstanding

Unit 2.8


Unit 2.9

Revision Exercises

Module III


Unit 3.1

Making, Accepting, Declining an Invitation

Unit 3.2

Host - Greeting a Guest

Unit 3.3

Host - Making a Guest Feel at Home

Unit 3.4

Guest - Upon Arrival

Unit 3.5

Small Talk

Unit 3.6

Saying Goodbye

Unit 3.7

Sample Dialogs and Revision Exercises

Module IV


Unit 4.1

Answering the Phone

Unit 4.2

Offering Help to Caller

Unit 4.3

Wrong Number

Unit 4.4

Ending a Telephone Conversation

Unit 4.5

Revision Exercises

Module V


Unit 5.1

Common Expressions

Unit 5.2


Unit 5.3

Payment Methods

Unit 5.4

Revision Exercises

Module VI

Eating Out

Unit 6.1

Talking about Food

Unit 6.2

Restaurant 1

Unit 6.3

Restaurant 2 (Ordering Food)

Unit 6.4

Restaurant 3 (Complaining)

Unit 6.5

Sample Dialogs and Revision Exercises

Module VII

At a Hotel

Unit 7.1

Reserving a Hotel Room

Unit 7.2

Checking In

Unit 7.3

Requesting and Complaining

Unit 7.4

  Revision Exercises

Click here as well (useful phrases and pronunciation)

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