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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Enero de 2013.

Passive Causative - Causative HAVE/GET

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David John Leadbeater (Click HERE and HERE, as well)is from Canterbury (Kent), in England, but he left his country more than twenty years ago. In fact, twenty years ago he discovered Carraxó, a small abandoned village near Laza, in Ourense, and he decided to settle down there. His is an almost unique experience.

A group of students from Xesús Taboada Chivite School (Verín) (Raquel, Iria, Patricia and Miguel (cameraman) and Tania (photographer) ) interviewed him a few weeks ago. This activity in our Comenius project followed the viewing of the documentary Queda alguén aí? (Is there anyone left there?), by Rafael Cid, which deals with the desertion of the rural areas in Galicia. You can watch this documentary HERE.


HERE you have the questions that Raquel, Iria and Patricia asked David.

HERE some questions for you to answer while and after watching the interview. (KEY HERE)



This is an introduction to the video by Tania Díaz:

“What you are about to watch is an interview with David John Leadbeater. His is the only family that inhabits Carraxó, a very small village which was abandoned decades ago.

A few months ago we watched the documentary “Is There Anyone Left There?”, which deals with the problem of rural population drift in Galicia. Most small villages are being abandoned by those who are still young or middle-aged and only people  over sixty or seventy stay there. 

David Leadbeater “made the opposite journey”. He decided to leave Canterbury, in England and go in search of an alternative way of life. We hope you find this interview interesting and we invite you to reflect on what David has told us. Thank you very much.”

Click HERE as well.

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