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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Febrero de 2016.

The influence of Shakespeare on today's English

Listen to Gill talking about expressions that Shakespeare  (click HERE as well, to watch a video and HERE for a few questions about the video --->0:20- 3:43 // 6:00 - 6:40 // 7:55 - 8:43 // 10:24 - 11:00 // 11:36 - 11: 54) was the first to use in his plays and poems and then do the quiz HERE.

More about Shakespeare HERE, HERE, (HERE - Lesson plan)

What Shakespearean character do you identify with? Click HERE.

Shakespeare quotes HERE.

You can also watch and listen to Gill talking about METAPHORS by clicking HERE .

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Window on Britain

A series of very interesting videos about Britain for ESL learners.

HOLIDAYS IN BRITAIN  (Questions about the second video)

What are the three first questions that the presenter asks about the British and their holidays?

When does she go on holiday?

How  long is most people’s break?         Can they choose when they take it?

How many holiday trips do British people make every year?

Which country is the number one choice for many people? (to go on holiday)

Why do so many British people go abroad for their holidays?

How did people travel from big cities to seaside towns in the 19th century?

What is the distance between Brighton and London?

Why do people go to Brighton?

Where do people stay there?

How many British people spend their holidays in Devon or Cornwall?

Where are Devon, Cornwall?

Where are the Lake District and Scotland, which are also very popular?

Is London a popular destination among British holidaymakers?

Many British people like activity holidays. What do they consist of?


Questions about the video LEISURE, HERE. (Key HERE)

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Learning IRREGULAR VERBS with a rap

TAKE (took, TAKEN). You SHAKE (shook, SHAKEN). 
WAKE (woke, WOKEN) to the style I’m creating. 
THINK (thought, THOUGHT). SEEK (sought, SOUGHT).
Listen to the lesson that I TEACH (taught, TAUGHT).

Don’t SLEEP (slept, SLEPT). I CREEP (crept, CREPT). 
I SNEAK (snuck, SNUCK UP). You LEAP (leapt, LEAPT).
I KEEP (kept, KEPT) having fun. 
I’m never BEAT (beat, BEATEN); I WIN (won, WON).
DO (did, DONE); BEGIN (began, BEGUN);
SHOOT (shot, SHOT)—no, I don’t own a gun. 
I LEAD (led, LED) so I can FEED (fed, FED). 
the knowledge you need, straight to your head. 
When I BRING (brought, BROUGHT) it, you CATCH (caught, CAUGHT) it.
Sit back relax. Don’t FIGHT (fought, FOUGHT) it.

Please don’t 

FREEZE (froze, FROZEN) when I SPEAK (spoke, SPOKEN). 
It’s real. You can feel I don’t STEAL (stole, STOLEN). 
I CHOOSE (chose, CHOSEN) the very best rhymes and
WRITE (wrote, WRITTEN) them into my lines and
into your mind. When we MEET (met, MET)
I’ll BET (bet, BET) I wont let you FORGET 
(forgot, FORGOTTEN). I GET (got, GOTTEN)
every head nodding. Don’t think about stopping,
just COME (came, COME). 
This is hip hop. I don’t SING (sang, SUNG).
I STING (stung, STUNG). You CLING (clung, CLUNG)
on each and every word, you HANG (hung, HUNG).

Its not enough to

DREAM (dreamt, DREAMT); you’ve got to SPEND (spent, SPENT)
time on your goals. Please LEND (lent, LENT) me your
ear. Come near and I’ll LAY (laid, LAID)
down this new soud that I MAKE (made, MADE). 
I hope you don’t say that you think it’s junk.
I hope you don’t think that I STINK (stank, STUNK).
If you’re thirsty for English, come DRINK (drank, DRUNK).
because I SINK (sank, SUNK) all competition when they 
HEAR (heard, HEARD) that I GIVE (gave, GIVEN)
encouragement when I SPIT (spat, SPAT).
Never QUIT (quit, QUIT); don’t SIT (sat, SAT).
Yeah, I like it like that. I’ll even KNEEL (knelt, KNELT).
and beg you to express what you FEEL (felt, FELT).

I RISE (rose, RISEN) when I DRIVE (drove, DRIVEN) through 
the beat; tap your feet as you RIDE (rode, RIDDEN). 
Those that HIDE (hid, HIDDEN) I FIND (found, FOUND).
If you FLEE (fled, FLED) then I’ll track you down.

Now you SEE (saw, SEEN) that I MEAN (meant, MEANT) 
every word of the message that I SEND (sent, SENT). 
I SHOW (showed, SHOWN) I can FLY (flew, FLOWN).
Now you KNOW (knew, KNOWN) I SHINE (shone, SHONE).
I’ll THROW (threw, THROWN) you the ball. It’s your turn 
to GROW (grew, GROWN) with the verbs that you’ve learned. 
Grammar through lyrics I DRAW (drew, DRAWN). 
Peace to ELLs, now I GO (went, GONE)!

Thank you for sending me this rap, Cris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE: Play with 22 irregular verbs.

More about irregular verbs HERE.

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