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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Octubre de 2016.

Why Finland has the best education (by Michael Moore)

El exito educativo de Finlandia Michael Moore from ateo666666 on Vimeo.

Here’s a puzzle. Finnish children spend comparatively little time at school, don’t get homework and yet receive one of the best educations in the world. Curious? Watch how the Finns did it in this clip from Michael Moore’s compelling documentary film ’Where To Invade Next?’




Now listen to I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM ( By Prince Ea):

Video in English: HERE

Video in English with subtitles in Spanish: HERE

Exercise about the opening statement (alegato inicial) in the rap (1:05 min) HERE

Click HERE to go to a post about the book The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson.

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Say "NO" to bullying

The first video above was recorded by bullying victim Jonah Mowry. Mowry uses nothing but flash-cards throughout the video, titled “What’s Goin’ On,” to express his unbearable pain and self-mutilation, not to mention the fact that he’s contemplated suicide more than once.

Nearly 3 million people have watched it , with messages of support pouring in from strangers and major celebrities(Lady Gaga tweeted  “Thank you Jonah for being brave enough to share your story + showing us strength. You matter to millions.”)

The video begins with Mowry holding up a hand-written card, “I look happy, right?” followed by, “Well, I’M NOT. What you all see is the fake me.” He uses cards throughout the video to tell his story, which includes a lifetime of bullying, of being called “Gay. Fag. Dick. Douche. Homo. Asshole.” (Mowry doesn’t specify his sexuality in the video but on Twitter he says he’s gay.)

“A lot of people hate me,” he writes, wiping away tears. “I don’t know why… But I guess I do. Cuz I kinda hate me too.”

And while he admits that suicide was something he considered “many times,” Mowry states in one of his final cards, “I’m not going anywhere. Because I’m STRONGER than that and…I have a million reasons to be here.”

RED, the second video: A bunch of bullies meet a red-haired boy on a playground. Would you have the courage to stand by one in need despite dangerous odds?

Third video: If you help (for example someone who is being bullied), you will probably be rewarded, even if your only reward is self-satisfaction

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BBC Learning English - Tim's pronunciation workshop

An excellent webpage if you want to improve your pronunciation in English!!!!!

Click HERE.

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The sounds of American English

How to pronounce a monophthong ( front, central, back)? a consonant (fricative, affricate, nasal.... manner of articulation //bilabial, labiodental....place of articulation // voiced, voiceless?)

The pictures and videos in this very useful page will surely help you!!!!

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Listening comprehension about British and American English

Click HERE, as well.

Watch the video above. What do these British and American slang words mean?

Flossing (American slang)=

Chin Wag (British slang) = 

Ba-Donka-Donk (American slang)=

Chuffed to bits (British slang)=

Shawty (American slang)=

Differences in pronunciation: Click HERE and HERE

NOW….. YOUR TURN!!!!!!

Pronounce  the  following  words, first with a British accent and then with an American accent:


Now read the following sentences with British and American accent:

1- Adults should drink more than a glass of water a day.

2- You can’t use your mobile now. Only after the class has finished.

3- I’ve noticed she isn’t a hospitable host.

4- Is globalization better for our civilization?

5- Where’s your old chair? It’s in the garage.

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