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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Julio de 2017.

CHANGES IN THE ABAU ENGLISH EXAM (Pronunciation - True/False)

The ABAU English test is going to change a little bit. Read the text above.

There will be a question about pronunciation and TRUE/FALSE questions about the text.

HERE , HERE , you have different exercises about pronunciation.

HERE , HERE , HERE - Homophones

HERE , HERE , HERE - Minimal Pairs - HERE Pronunciation Pairs (Book VVV)

HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE - /s/  /z/  /iz/

HERE (clicknlearn.net - 4 ESO Intermediate), HERE (Amigos ingleses), HEREHERE  - /d/ /t/ /id/

HERE Intermediate Reading Comprehension Texts with True/Flase questions.

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Here you have PAU/ ABAU exams that students from all of the Autonomous Regions in Spain have sat.

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The next musical which is going to be performed by IES Taboada Chivite students is Beauty and the Beast (Click HERE and HERE), translated into Galician, during the course 2018-19, but this course 2017-18 we will start working on it (Click HERE).

In fact, we have already translated almost all the songs into Galician language - HERE

Songs in English:

Belle : Audio - Lyrics

Be our Guest: Audio+video - Lyrics

Gaston: Audio + video - Lyrics

Something There: Audio + video - Lyrics

Tale as Old as Time: Audio+ video - Lyrics

The Mob Song: Audio and video - Lyrics

Belle Reprise: Audio + Lyrics

Gaston Reprise: Audio + video - Lyrics

Watch the last video above and answer the questions / fill in the blanks HERE.


James Corden  ( click HERE, as well)is an English comedian who is the host of The Late, Late Show (broadcast by the CBS). One of the sections in the programme is Crosswalk the Musical. Scenes from famous musicals are performed on a pedestrian crossing while the traffic lights are red. This is their version of Beauty and the Beast, with the actors who play the Beast, Lefou and Gaston in the recent 2017 film.

HERE - Grease

HERE - The Lion King

HERE - Mary Poppins

HERE - The Phantom of the Opera

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